Wagner 2200 PSI Wide Shot Plus Paint Sprayer - Factory Reconditioned

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Published: 12th August 2010
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The Wagner 2200 PSI Wide Shot Plus Paint Sprayer is perfect for the handyman who wants to paint large areas in the house like walls, fences, and decks. I am saying this because I am a satisfied owner of one. I finished painting the entire fence yesterday and I am posting this review to all those who are thinking of buying a similar item.

The Wagner Wide Shot has a 1.5 quart cup and is capable of sprying 6.6 gallons of paint per hour. That is a lot of paint which means that if you know how to handle the spray gun, you will cover a big area in no time. The Wagner Wide Shot is able to handle a wide range of finish from varnish to latex paint. Just keep the mechanism clean and it will work fine. The secret to a satisfactory job is to make sure that the spray gun is cleaned properly after each use. The owner's manual shows you how do cleanups and parts lubrication properly and it is not much of a fuss. The sprayer works in two power settings. If you want to minimize overspray, choose the lower setting which is set at 25% output. You must also turn the flow knob so that the nozzle lets out a small amount of finish. The secret to properly cover the work is to adjust the flow control knob so that an even amount of paint or varnish will spray in one pass. Practicing on a piece of scrap wood will help you set your pace and the proper flow rate.

The 2200 psi compressor that propels the spray can be a bit loud so a pair of ear muffs is recommended. As in most carpentry and paint work, make sure that your eyes are properly protected. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling food or any beverage.

The Wagner 2200 PSI Wide Shot Plus Paint Sprayer is a very buy and the fact that you are buying a factory reconditioned model is helpful to the environment. I would rate this product as highly recommended.

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